Evaluate Your Website Now: What Does it Say About Your Business?
Evaluate Your Website Now: What Does it Say About Your Business?
December 15, 2015
How to Make Your Website the Hub of Your Association
How to Make Your Website the Hub of Your Association
January 12, 2016
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5 Goals for Stronger Online Marketing in 2016

The festive season is done and dusted; food was eaten, presents opened and socialising done.  Now the nitty gritty of 2016 is coming straight for us.  Feeling refreshed and with some clear vision, it’s a good time to set some goals for your online presence and marketing. Here are 5 goals for stronger online marketing in 2016.

1. Freshen Up Website Content

Wherever your content is online it can either effect your brand positively or negatively.  Pencil in a time in your calendar to go through all content and freshen it up.  Replace images or graphics with new ones, tweak or rewrite a few pages.  This is also a great time to fully evaluate your website and make some decisions on what you’ll do with your website this year.

2. Blog to a Set Schedule

It goes without saying that the Christmas and New Year season is a busy time in business let alone in our personal lives, and blogging can fall by the wayside.  Sometimes it’s a lack of time or sometimes inspiration. Still, if we judge it as important to our brand (and it is) and important to engagement (tick for that one too) and great for Search Engine Optimisation (which it is) – then make sure it’s part of your marketing mix. Blogging once in a blue moon is not very useful to your brand, but if you blog to a regular schedule, monthly, fortnightly or better still weekly, you are building trust in your brand and proving your authority in the subject matter.  That’s great for your business!

3. Build Your Subscriber List

We’ve talked in the past about how your email newsletter list is your very own captive audience.  It’s nothing but good news to beef it up and add more subscribers. Add a prominent sign up on your website, have a sign up form on your office reception desk or bricks and mortar store, post about your newsletter on social media and invite people to subscribe, offer an incentive to sign up (like a free fact sheet or checklist that can be downloaded if they sign up); there are lots of creative ways you can attract subscribers and these are just a few.  What incentives could you offer that are specific to your business?

4. Be More Consistent on Social Media

In order for Social Media to be effective for your business, there should be some continuity in your posting.  If you’re consistently putting your brand in front of people’s eyes you are reminding your clients you’re there and ready to serve. This may seem like a daunting task but there are some clever ways to handle the social media load such as scheduling posts to appear at a certain time of day. If this still seems like too much of a burden, don’t forget that Technology Matters offers social media management services, talk to us about how we can help you with your social presence.

5. Set Up Remarketing Ads For Your Site

Remarketing allows you to target ads to your site visitors.  Perhaps they came to your website, browsed around and then left, not quite ready to contact or make a purchase.  Remarketing allows you to show them ads elsewhere online, be it social media, YouTube or sites displaying Google Adwords etc. In other words, instead of casting a net wide to find customers you are targeting warm leads, people who have already shown interest in your brand.


What other goals do you have for 2016 that are burning in your mind?

Naomi Nicholls
Naomi Nicholls
Naomi oversees Technology Matters' comprehensive social media packages and web design, giving clients the lead in social media and communications.

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