Frequently Asked

1How long does it take to design and build a website?

That depends on its size and complexity. Talk to us about your timelines and goals and we can put together a schedule to suit.

2What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS for short) is a tool that allows you to maintain your website’s content without the need for any technical skills or additional software. We normally build our CMS sites using the Joomla or Wordpress frameworks, heavily customised with some pretty impressive functionality.

Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to add and edit:

  • pages
  • images
  • blog entries
  • shop products
  • news and events
  • membership records
  • galleries
  • directories

…and much, much more.

3Do you provide training?

Yes we provide all our clients with training on maintaining their website. If you have trouble, you can always use our Support Centre to contact us.

4What is search engine optimisation? Or marketing?

Search engine optimisation (or SEO, for those in the know) is all about getting your website closer to the top of the results in search engines like Google. Statistics show that the higher up you are the more traffic (and customers) you’re likely to get. There are many aspects that go into achieving good SEO, but it’s doable. We’ve done it for many clients, and the benefits are tangible.

The other side of the coin is search marketing, often known as “Pay-Per-Click”. While “organic” SEO is a great long-term strategy, sometimes you need to guarantee that users will see your site now. We have a Google Adwords Professional who manages all our clients Pay-Per-Click needs. It’s a complex game of research, reporting and cost-benefit analysis, and it’s not for the feint of heart.

Find out more about SEO or Search Marketing.
5Can you design my logo?
We prefer to focus on designing and building websites – but we can refer you to a graphic designer who specialises in logo design and branding. Once you’ve got some branding together, we’ll design you a site that really sings.

1How much does a custom website cost?

The cost of a website can vary greatly depending on various factors – a four-page brochure site is going to be different to an online shop with thousands of products.

Our custom designed website projects generally start in the $3,000-$4,000 range.

2What is a domain name? And web hosting? Do I need them?

Think of a web host or a server as the building your website lives in – it’s where the actual files of your website are stored. And a domain name is like the directions to the building – you type in a domain name (like “”), and then your computer follows those instructions to access the files on the web host.

Web hosting and domain names are bought separately, but we can handle both of those for you. Or if you already have one or both of these, we can work with your current domain name registrar or web host. We’re flexible.

3What is a Secure Certificate? Do I need one?

Secure Server Layer (SSL) encryption establishes a secure connection between your server (or web host) and a visitor's web browser, stopping any information that they enter from being accessed while it wings its way to the server.

This level of encryption isn't necessary if you're not taking any personal information from users, but if you are - if you're running an online shop, for example, or a member area - then it is extremely important.

Securing your site with SSL:

  • secures personal information
  • encrypts credit card payments
  • helps lift Google rankings (Google loves to know you're safe)

Just as importantly, showing users that your site is secure and encrypted builds trust and confidence, driving more sales.

If your site is going to take sensitive user information of any kind, please talk to us about getting a secure server certificate set up.

4Will my new website work on mobiles and tablets?

Yes it will. All websites we design are developed with mobile and tablet devices in mind – what we in the industry call Responsive Design. It doesn’t mean it’ll look exactly the same on all devices, though; that’s why it’s “responsive” – the layout changes to accommodate the device you’re viewing it with.

5Can you help me with social media and email marketing?

We sure can. We have a dedicated expert on social media marketing and reporting, and our very own email marketing software – Techmail.

6Do you write the content for my site?

We offer content consulting - we’ll give you advice about what content your site will need, and how best to structure it for an online audience. If you need help with the actual writing, though, we can put you in contact with a copywriter who specialises in writing for the web.

If you've got a question that isn't here - contact us