Online marketing

Marketing strategies as unique as your business

Reach new customers and better engage your existing customers with a tailored digital marketing strategy.

Whatever the size or shape of your business, if you want to thrive in the online world you need a mix of digital marketing strategies. Our team boasts specialists in all disciplines of online marketing and engagement, including:

  • Search marketing (also known as Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing)
  • Paid advertising (also known as Pay-Per-Click)
  • Social media and email marketing

Whatever your business needs - whether it's a top ranking in Google's results, an expertly-managed Adwords campaign, or exciting shareable media - our marketing and social media specialists have the expertise to get you connected.

Search marketing

Search is the single most effective channel in digital marketing, making search engine marketing a vital tool for attracting customers in the 21st century. We combine tried and tested methodology with the flexibility and creativity necessary to successfully adapt to an ever-changing industry.

Paid search advertising

Getting your site to the top of Google is an excellent way to increase your site’s traffic, but doing this naturally takes time, dedication and patience. What if you need to be seen today? That is where paid search advertising really shines.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Building your audience and customer base can't just be about keywords and budgets - it's got to be about engagement. That's where our experts in social media and marketing - and our email marketing software Techmail - come in.

Techmail - easy email marketing

When it comes to online marketing, targeted email marketing is the original trailblazer...and it still works wonders. As great as social media is, there are some things that email marketing still does best: it converts,, it's easy to track, and it's under your control.

Whether you're an association, an online retailer, or any other kind of business, a weekly (or monthly, or daily) newsletter delivered right to your customers' inboxes cuts through like nothing else.

Even better - our top-of-the-range email system Techmail has everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign - hand-crafted email templates, easy subscriber management, and in-depth campaign tracking - all from within your browser!

Social Media Management

Let's face it - having a presence on social media is becoming a necessity. Not only are sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn a great way to engage with current and potential customers (and increase traffic to your website!), social signals are an increasingly important factor in a website's position in Google, too.

Unfortunately, it's easy for an amateur to get lost among Facebook's traffic graphs and pictures of cats. What you need is a team of social media professionals who are committed to research and reporting. That's us!

We generate shareable content, manage social interactions, and apply our in-depth knowledge of social media trends to help you stay on top of this brave new world.

What's the right mix for you?

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