The recipe for
online success

A great website is like a great meal: they both need to be fresh, interesting, and made by a professional.

They also need a recipe if they’re going to succeed. 

Step 1 – Get the Big Picture

First, we talk it out. What do you need, and why do you need it? Who is your audience, and what do they need? What are your business’ goals and aspirations, and how can we help you achieve them? 

This is big-picture, blue-sky stuff; dream big, and let us worry about how it'll work. After that first meeting, we’ll give you a rough site-plan detailing all the functionality and content your site will need.

Step 2 – Build the Bones

Then we all put our heads down. While you’re pulling together some brilliant content (we can refer you to some excellent copywriters and photographers, if you need them), we will build a prototype.

It’ll be bare-bones, and not too pretty (we’re not paying attention to design just yet), but it will show you exactly how the new site works. 

Step 3 – Add Shape and Colour

Now we have some fun! Once we have all your content, we’ll put pen to paper and give your website a face. It will be user-focused, cutting edge and attractive (just like us!), and you’ll have a chance to approve or tweak it.

Once you’ve given it your stamp of approval, you can put your feet up while we get to work building it. We’ll be using the latest web technologies, so your shiny new website will look great on PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.

Step 4 – Launch! (and then...)

It’s alive! When we’re done coding the site, we’ll give you a sneak-peak. If you love it as much as we do, we’ll release it into the world! After you’ve had a glass of bubbly, we can talk about what comes next.

Our techies will train you to use your CMS, eCommerce software and/or email system. Our search and social media marketing experts will discuss with you how to drive traffic to your new site. We also offer a range of maintenance options for those you need frequent support.

So, now what? Sign up?

Not quite so fast! First, you should see what’s involved in Getting Started with Technology Matters.
Find out if we’re a good fit for each other; see if you’re ready to dive into the digital world. 

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