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May 25, 2016
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How to use analytics to perfect your online marketing and social media strategy
July 13, 2016
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31+ calls-to-action you should be using on your website

Calls-to-action you should use

A call-to-action on your website is the bait that gets your site visitors out of their proverbial seats, clicking your links to take the next step toward utilising your business. A good call-to-action creates a real sense of urgency: Get it now! Sign me up! Book it!

There’s a huge movement toward use of informal language online. So much slang and casual-talk is used, especially since the uptake of social media – our online talk is social! So make the tone of your site’s calls-to-action one that invites engagement (clicks!).


The following are great for your links or buttons on your next ecommerce emailout (you are sending those out, right?).

Try these:
Shop now
Buy now
Browse this Season’s Knits
Start saving!
Order now
Get 50% off now
Get free shipping
Reveal my mystery coupon
Claim my gift!
Claim my coupon!
Get it now!

Service-based Businesses

Book now!
Book free consulation!
Make me a VIP
Make an appointment
Start free trial

For content/blog posts/etc

Read more and Learn more are oldies-but-goodies, but they’re pretty well worn, so try these variations:

Keep reading
Read on
Get the full story
Hear the latest
Read the rest
More please

Social Media

The classics:
Follow us
Like us on Facebook

But also:
Follow us on social
Get social with us!
Join our community

Email Subscribes

Does your subscribe button say Subscribe? Try these more lively alternatives:

Yes please!
I want it!
Add me!
Get it!
Sign me up!
Count me in!

If you look at what’s around the web you will notice that a great deal of thought is put into calls-to-action. It might seem like a minute detail but it’s the trigger that sets off your customers to engage with your business.

Naomi Nicholls
Naomi Nicholls
Naomi's focus is turning your words and ideas into a website design that looks good and works hard for your business.

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