Customer retention: How to keep your ecommerce customers coming back
August 8, 2018
Product page must-haves on your ecommerce website
December 4, 2018
Customer retention: How to keep your ecommerce customers coming back
August 8, 2018
Product page must-haves on your ecommerce website
December 4, 2018
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5 emails to send to your subscriber list

While email marketing has been around for many years, it’s still a leading marketing strategy to target, convert and track your online customer base. But the difficulty with email marketing is that these can too easily become routine, especially if you have a busy schedule and you’re doing regular mail outs. To help you refresh your email strategy and achieve the best results from your marketing campaigns, we’ve listed five different types of emails you can send out to your subscriber list.

1. The welcome email

The welcome email is known industry-wide as having the most successful open and engagement rate, which is why it’s a crucial email for organisations to send. As customers and subscribers will be expecting to see this email after their initial subscription or purchase, it will generally be opened.

Some recommendations of questions you should ask yourself when sending a welcome email:

  • Does it contain a good balance of content that’s relevant to subscribers to learn about the organisation, along with promotional offers?
  • Are my organisation’s welcome emails being sent based on the way the consumer signed up? (Whether via website, social media or making a purchase)
  • When customers have purchased a specific product from me, does my welcome email contain other products which relate to this product that could be of interest for them to purchase next?
  • If my welcome email has a heavy focus on what my organisation does, can I change this to incorporate more how my organisation can help consumers achieve something?

2. Promotional emails

Promotional emails are a great way of converting your online customer base. As online consumers are becoming more wary of promotional emails that are too hard sell, it’s a smart tactic to also offer engaging content within the email, such as how-to content.

3. Blogs and guides

Emailing out individual blog posts is a fantastic way to provide your online consumers with information that’s relevant to them on a topic relating to your organisation, so you become a trusted source of information. This also saves your customers from having to scroll through all of the content on your web or social media platform to find specific information on this topic. By having a mix of promotional emails and informative emails like blogs, your customers won’t feel like you’re constantly trying to sell to them.

Guides are also a strategic style of email to send, as you not only educate your consumer base on how to perform a task that’s relevant to them, you’re also giving away something for free, which will entice them to want to open your emails more regularly.

4. Rewards and loyalty emails

Through automation, you can implement more effective loyalty and rewards programs for your online customers. An example of this is incorporating a rewards program with a tiered structure that’s based on purchases, such as when you spend “x” amount of dollars you get free shipping or 10% off. By providing different levels of tiered rewards when consumers make purchases, you can also increase the amount of money they’ll spend, especially if the reward keeps getting better with a specific dollar value.

5. Review emails

As more and more online customers are reading reviews before making a purchase, sending out review emails is a smart and strategic way of either engaging your current customers or inspiring new ones to convert.

If you’re interested in growing your organisation, association or business through email marketing, Techmail is an innovative platform that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Not only does Techmail allow fast and efficient automation, it also provides all of the features and tools for you to create a successful email campaign – ranging from hand-crafted email templates to streamlined subscriber management and in-depth campaign tracking, with simple and easy access through one browser.

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